About the Foundation Celebration Drawing

The Foundation Celebration Drawing is a major part of the fundraising for Rotarians and the Rotary Clubs in District 5280.  “Every Rotarian, Every Year,” is the motto of Rotary International encouraging Rotarians to contribute annually to The Rotary Foundation.  The individual goal is a minimum of $100 each year for every Rotarian.  Rotary District 5280 has for many years reached higher, for a goal of $250 with 100% participation. Since this year’s celebration will be virtual, we are hopeful that instead of spending the money on attending the dinner, your contributions will be spent on tax deductible raffle tickets and on the silent auction items, so we can continue to support The Rotary Foundation in the same manner that we have in the past!


To help raise these contributions the Foundation Celebration, auctions and drawings began 35 years ago.  Rotarians are challenged to contribute while enjoying a special event (virtual this year) that is different each year and have an opportunity to also win a prize.  Each Drawing Booklet contains 12 drawing opportunities.  Buy or sell the tickets for $10 each or the book of 12 for $100.  You could be a winner of $3,000, $1,500 or $500!

The winners will be drawn on November 7 during the live virtual event!

Tickets are electronic this year

To make it more convenient for everyone, this year we are going digital! Here's how to obtain your tickets:


  • Click on either "print single opportunity drawing ticket" or "Print a book of 12 tickets" below.

  • You can type your information directly on to the tickets. Print as many tickets as you like.

  • Send the tickets, along with the payment (payable to "The Rotary Foundation") to your club Foundation Chair (or Club President)

  • The Foundation Chair/Club President will send the tickets, payments, and the club's completed Multiple Donor Form, to the District Office:


The deadline to return tickets and payments is November 4, 2020. 

Print single opportunity drawing ticket

Print a Book of 12 tickets

To purchase tickets via credit card

For Rotarians wanting to use a credit card, the Rotary website has a simple and easy process:

  • Visit www.rotary.org/en/donate

  • Select Annual Fund.  Continue.

  • Follow the directions for the amount of the donation. 

  • Select a One Time Donation or contribute each month, quarterly or annually.

  • Enter billing information.  Gift options are also available.

  • Print the Contribution Confirmation.  It cannot be saved.

  • Make a copy to turn in with the drawing ticket stubs.

Report your contribution

Each contribution provides Foundation Credits for your Rotary Club and, in most cases, for the individual donating Rotarian. To be sure Rotarians receive proper credit for their donation, each club should complete The Rotary Foundation Multiple Donor Form. 


The Multiple Donor Form is easier than filling out the Contribution Form for each individual Rotarian.  Please note the form cannot be saved when completed.  Please print, scan or make a copy for the club records. 


The ticket stubs, monies and Multiple Donor Forms may be delivered or mailed to the Rotary 5280 District Office.  To be sure to be included in the drawings, ALL contributions must be to the District Office by Friday, November 4, 2020.  Since the Foundation Celebration is virtual this year, ticket stubs and contributions CANNOT be collected on the day of the celebration event.

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